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Batu Secret Zoo covers 17 hectars of Kota Wisata Batu. It hosts more than 300 species of animals from around the world. Meet the smallest monkey in the world, the ring tailed lemur, the american gipsy horse, the albino binturrong tapir and many other distinct species and family friendly attractions. Recognized as the #9 Best Destination in Asia of 2014 and the #5 Best Zoo in Asia of 2014, it holds a Certificate of Excellent Service from 2016 by TripAdvisor.



Get into the Savannah and meet the oldest and rarest animals from Africa, th rough the marvelous diorama!

Reptile Garden

Reptile Garden has more than a 100 reptiles from around the world, you can meet the snakes, lizards and the famous giant tortoise named Aldabra.


This zone it’s the home of 100 different species of fishes and other sea animals from around the world. Here you can meet the giant electric eel that can only be found in the Amazon river.

Safari Farm

Get into the train, grab some carrots and be able to feed camels, horses, hippopotamuses, american bisons and many other animals that will only be centimeters away from you.

Fantasy Land

Fantasy Land it’s the most notorious place from Batu Secret Zoo. You can expect a water park, several attractions and games, for kids and adults.

River Adventure

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River Adventure offers an artificial lake where you can sit on a boat and feed the storks. Also, you can as well get inside of Noah’s Ark and enjoy a top view of the Zoo.

Tiger Land & Museum Satwa

Tigers from around the world will welcome you in the Tiger Land. At the wildlife museum – Museum Satwa you can meet the preserved animals exhibitions and learn about their lifestyle through dioramas.

Kredit Irhamna Fithriya, Mohd Azlan Saleh

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