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CELEBRATING HSE… Trienekens’ staff, contractors and other invited guests group together at the company’s HSE Day in Kuching.

General Manager for Finance and Human Resources, Tan Show Boon presented the HSE Excellence Award for the “Best A.C.T CardsContribution for the year 2018/2019” to Christopher Emile Rossem (right).

HSE Senior Manager, Harris Michael (5th left) presented the “Outstanding Safe Team Performance(Municipal Waste) Awards to (from right) to Mohamad Amin bin Sapari, Ajis Bayod and Luis Rendy Chandy; Adi bin Abd Khaliq, William Sawai and Sapri bin Fadli; as well as Mannen Collin, Tonik bin Jali and Sebli Disut.

“Outstanding Safe Driving (RoRo) Performance Award” recipient Halmai bin Ogik (left) with HSE Senior Manager, Harris Michael. 

In Bintulu, Senior Manager, Patricia Susie Nyisong (left) presented the “Outstanding HSE Performance Award” to Wilbert Entri Beliang.

Trienekens’ Chief Operating Officer, Alice Lee (centre) with Kuching Integrated Waste Management Park HSE excellence award winners (from left) Roysten Rendie Supot, Charles Giyow, Jerry Kenes Tagal and Wira Podin.

EXCELLENT… Group Deputy CEO, Elvin Wee (second left) presented (from right) Charling Nais, Jensonray Sepia and Claudius Munor with the “Outstanding Safe Long Haul Driving Performance”awards.



Trienekens (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd recently held its annualHealth, Safety & Environment (HSE) Week, this year themed “Healthier, Safer, Greener”. Besides promoting health and environmental awareness, the programme also aimed to highlight the importance of continuously maintaining a strong Safety culture at work in order to preserve a workplace free from injuries and incidents. The week-long celebration culminated with special HSE Day events at the company’s Kuching and Bintulu offices.


In Kuching, guest speaker from the Road Transport Department (JPJ), Abang Nazaruddin Sharbini gave a presentation highlighting road safety as well as regulations pertaining to summons and licensing; while Christina Leysia from the Natural Resources and Environment Board, Sarawak gave an awareness talk on air pollution. 


Meanwhile, attendees of the event at Trienekens’ Bintulu Branch attended a talk on road safety by Mohd Amzah bin Ajis of the Road Transport Department (JPJ), Bintulu. Department of Health representative, Dr Lee Sing Seng also gave an awareness talk on the symptoms, diagnosis, prevention and management of Tuberculosis.


Trienekens’ Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Stephen Chin officiated the event in Kuching, and later graced the presentation of Trienekens HSE excellence awards to outstanding groups and individuals for their past year’s HSE performance.


The HSE Excellence Award for the Best A.C.T Card Contribution for the year 2018/2019” was presented to Christopher Emile Rossem of the Business Development Department. The award recognises the employee’s active participation and commitment in ensuring risk minimization at the workplace through the contribution of Accident Control Technique (ACT) cards. 


While the awards for “Outstanding Safe (Municipal Waste) Team Performance” were presented to Mohamad Amin bin Sapari and his team members Ajis Bayod and Luis Rendy Chandy; Adi bin Abd Khaliq and his team members William Sawai and Sapri bin Fadli; as well as Mannen Collin and his team members Tonik bin Jali and Sebli Disut; Halmai bin Ogik was the proud recipient of the “Outstanding Safe Driving (RoRo) Performance” award. 


In Bintulu, the individual award for “Outstanding HSE Performance” went to Wilbert Entri Beliang.


From the Kuching Integrated Waste Management Park, Charles Giyow and Roysten Rendie Supot both received the “Outstanding Safe Performance in Non-Scheduled Waste Operations” awards, while Wira Podin and Jerry Kenes Tagalwere presented with the “Outstanding Safe Performance in Scheduled Waste Operations” awards. The awards for “Outstanding Safe Long-Haul Driving Performance” were presented to Jensonray Sepia, Charling Nais and Claudius Munor.


“The Green Synergy Award” recognizes the best overall performance by participating Divisions in Trienekens’ in-house environmental awareness programmes. Trienekens’ Head Office and Kuching Logistics received the award for achieving the best overall performance in the three main Green Synergy programmes – Recycling, Energy Saving and Fuel Efficiency for the year 2018/2019.


The top two HSE performance awards – “Lost Time Injury (LTI) Free Achievement” award and the coveted “Best Overall Performance in HSE” award – went to the Kuching Integrated Waste Management Park (KIWMP) and KIWMP Maintenance Department respectively.


Trienekens’ sub-contractors were also amongst participants who took part in the day’s activities. “We couldn’t hold an event like this without the full support of our contractors,” said Chin, “Ultimately, we’re all dedicated to achieving the goal of no-harm to people, or ‘Goal Zero’ with regards to safety.”


Trienekens organises and celebrates its HSE Day annually to recognise, reinforce, improve and strengthen HSE knowledge, understanding and skills among employees, besides providing a platform for information sharing with its customers, business partners and associates.


Persatuan Melanau Kuching akan mengadakan Program Hari Keluarga 2019 pada 29 sehingga 30 November 2019 bertempat di Wisma Melanau Kuching.

Antara pengisian program adalah Pertandingan Karaoke Dewasa serta Kanak-Kanak, Pertandingan Pakaian Lucu dan bermukun akan diadakan pada malam 29 November manakala pada 30 November adalah majlis perasmian, jualan makanan tradisional dan moden Melanau, sukaneka serta cabutan tiket bertuah.

Pertandingan karaoke dan pakaian lucu adalah terbuka dan sesiapa yang berminat boleh mendapatkan borang penyertaan daripada cik Eliza di Wisma Melanau Kuching sebelum tarikh tutup pada petang 29 November 2019.

Manakala bagi tempahan gerai jualan ia adalah tertutup dan borang boleh didapati di Wisma Melanau. Bayaran untuk satu kanopi adalah RM50. Oleh kerana jumlah kanopi disediakan agak terhad maka kaedah ‘siapa dulu dia dapat’ digunakan.

Menurut pengerusi pengelola, Robin Junang, objektif program ini adalah untuk merapatkan silatulrahim dalam kalangan ahli-ahli serta anggota keluarga Persatuan Melanau Kuching dan juga bukan ahli di samping mengukuhkan semangat kerjasama dan perpaduan dalam kalangan ahli .

Ia juga bertujuan untuk menyemarakan lagi persatuan melalui aktiviti sosial, sukan serta riadah dan menjalin semangat muhibbah dalam kalangan warga Melanau dari berbagai daerah yang berlainan dialek menetap di Bahagian Kuching, Samarahan dan Serian.

Semua warga Melanau sama ada dari Bahagian Kuching, Samarahan, Serian dan jauh adalah dialu-alukan datang bagi menyemarakan program ini nanti.

Cabutan tiket bertuah turut diadakan untuk memeriahkan lagi program tersebut di samping penjualan makanan tradisional Melanau seperti ‘linut, tebaloi, ‘pipus’, umai dan sebagainya.

Program akan dirasmikan oleh YB Yussibnosh Balo, ADUN N57 Tellian merangkap Presiden Persatuan Melanau Kuching.

Untuk pertanyaan lanjut, boleh berhubung dengan Robin Junang di talian 013-5761055 atau Eliza Diana Mas di talian 082-231190 (p) atau 013-8481790 (hp)

SK Taba Sait’s Students Encouraged to Practice Recycling Lifestyle at Home

KUCHING: About 100 students and teachers of SK Taba Sait recently took part in its third Recycling Awareness Day event, which was jointly carried out by the Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) and Trienekens (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd. Held at the Bengoh Resettlement Scheme (BRS), the event is a culmination of a year-long environmental education programme which focuses on raising awareness on the proper waste management and best recycling practices. 


RECYCLING CHAMPIONS…MPP’s Deputy Chairman, Cr. Dato Ahmad, Trienekens’ Chief Operating Officer, Alice Lee and SK Taba Sait’s Headmaster George Silek with winners of the inter-class recycling competition together with their teachers.

Speaking at the event, MPP’s Deputy Chairman, Cr. Dato’ Ahmad bin Dato’ Ibrahim explained that waste management takes high priority on the Council’s agenda and the Council will continue to raise awareness about the issue. “With the growing population and developments, the generation of waste also increases,” said Dato’ Ahmad. “We have to maintain a satisfactory level of cleanliness and also improve our recycling rate. Minds and habits need to change starting from adults while our children are taught and encouraged to do the same at home and schools. I urge all parents and residents in the area to be actively involved in any cleanliness and recycling programmes in their neighbourhood so all can mutually benefit from a clean and healthy environment.”     


Trienekens’ Chief Operating Officer, Alice Lee commended the school for their dedication and commitment in carrying out the programme successfully for the third year since its introduction in 2017. “The students and teachers have done well in running the recycling programme at the school,” said Lee. “We encourage the students to expand their recycling awareness beyond the school compounds and practice them at home as well as in their neighborhood. Separating and recycling waste correctly, refraining from littering and using the bins properly are easy small steps which can make a difference to our environment and natural resources.”


GREEN EFFORT… MPP’s Deputy Chairman, Cr. Dato Ahmad (far right) presenting a prize and certificate to one of the contest winners as Trienekens’ Chief Operating Officer, Alice Lee (centre) and SK  Taba Sait’s Headmaster, George Silek look on.

The year-long programme engaged both students and staff to practice segregating their school waste from the point-of-generation supported by a fixed collection schedule carried out by Trienekens. SK Taba Sait is one of several schools under the Council’s jurisdiction to adopt the recycling programme due its on-going commitment towards becoming a green school. 


Trienekens and MPP also organised additional environment-themed educational activities such as the ‘Wise Up to Waste’ awareness talk, Amazing Green Race game, inter-class most collected recyclables contest; colouring, poster design and eco-fashion competitions as well as other green initiatives for the school.



Since the incident of the anchor block at the Matang side tilting during the overall Satok bridge load test, JKR have undertaken an intensive programme of investigations including soil investigation, design and construction review, and daily close monitoring for any further movements of the anchor block. Among the initiatives taken to ensure the stability of the structure is the precautionary measure of taking off the bridge deck plates to reduce the weight and hence the forces acting on the distressed anchor block.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Port Development has also agreed on the engagement of independent consultants to review the overall bridge design as well as carry out a detailed geotechnical assessment to find out the likely causes of the tilting of the anchor block and to propose permanent rectification work for the bridge.

At this juncture, the bridge is now stable and no further movements of the anchor block is expected. Nevertheless, JKR will still continue to closely monitor the bridge.

With the stability of the bridge having been assured, JKR is now working on a proposed permanent remedial solution, and this will independently assessed and checked by the independent consultants. Remedial works will only proceed when the independent consultants have completed all due checking processes and submitted a final Report and detailed permanent solution to JKR.

A permanent remedial solution is expected to be tangibly worked out by the end of October. Once the finalised detailed drawings and plans have been submitted to JKR, remedial works by the contractor would proceed diligently.

Meanwhile, further site works on the affected structure have been temporarily suspended to avoid and minimise any claims from the contractor due to the downtime.

iNFO JKR Sarawak

Piala Datuk Haji Abdul Kadir Hassan – NFDP A JUARA, SJN NAIB JUARA

Pasukan Program Pembangunan Bola sepak Negara (NFDP) A merangkul gelaran juara Kejohanan Bolasepak 7 sebelah bawah 12 tahun Piala Datuk Haji Abdul Kadir Hassan.

Kejohanan disertai 12 pasukan berlangsung di padang bola sepak SK Agama Datuk Abdul Abdul Kadir Hassan.

NFDP A yang diwakili pemain Sarawak bawan 12 tahun menewaskan pasukan Akademi Bola sepak SJN 3-2 pada aksi perlawanan akhir.

Dengan kemenangan tersebut pasukan bimbingan jurulatih Samsudin Mohd Tahar meraih wang tunai RM700 dan trofi.

Skuad Akademi SJN FC menduduki tempat kedua meraih wang tunai RM500 dan trofi.

Tempat ketiga dimenangi SK Green Road yang menerima RM350 dan trofi.


KUCHING, 9 September – Seluruh penduduk kampung Geobilt lega apabila 4 orang pemancing yang dilaporkan tidak pulang ke rumah pada pagi semalam ditemui selamat oleh penduduk kampung.

Perkara ini disahkan oleh Pengarah Maritim Negeri Sarawak, Laksamana Pertama Maritim Robert Teh Geok Chuan dimana mangsa yang dikhuatiri hilang telah selamat tiba di jeti Kg Bako pada jam lebih kurang 10.30 pagi tadi.

“Kesemua mereka berada dalam keadaan selamat. Ketika ditemui di kawasan perairan Pulau Lakei, mereka dikatakan sedang memancing dan tidak terdapat sebarang kecemasan atau kerosakan pada enjin bot.,” katanya lagi.

Operasi Mencari dan Menyelamat telah ditamatkan pada 10.30 pagi. Kesemua mangsa telah kembali kepada ahli keluarga masing-masing.

Pihak Maritim Malaysia mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih kepada semua pihak yang menghulurkan bantuan seperti PPM, JBPM, APM dan tidak lupa juga kepada penduduk kampung yang telah keluar mencari mangsa.


Lima sekeluarga nyaris maut apabila kereta yang dinaiki terlibat dalam kemalangan kendiri di Batu 29 Jalan Kuching Serian di sini pagi tadi.

Jurucakap Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat (BBP) Serian berkata, sebanyak 12 anggota di ketuai oleh Pegawai Bomba Kanan II Sim Mui Chai menggunakan Fire Rescue Tender (FRT), Emergency Medical Rescue Services (EMRS) atau Unit Bantuan Perkhidmatan Kecemasan dan sebuah utiliti dikerahkan ke lokasi kejadiaan setelah menerima panggilan berkaitan kejadian pada jam 10.07 pagi.

“Kereta jenis Perodua Kancil yang dipandu oleh Liew Giew Hoong, 38, bersama empat anak-anaknya yang berumur antara 13, 6, 2, dan 1 tahun dalam perjalanan balik dari menghantar suami ke Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuching tiba-tiba hilang kawalan lalu terbabas ke dalam gaung dan terbalik,”katanya.

“Kelima-lima mangsa diantaranya telah berjaya dikeluarkan oleh orang awam sebelum pihak kami tiba,”jelasnya.

Tambahnya lagi, kesemua mangsa terselamat dan hanya mengalami luka-luka dan telah di beri rawatan awal oleh Unit EMRS Bomba.

Mangsa cedera di bawa ke hospital bagi mendapat rawatan lanjut dan operasi ditamatkan pada jam 10.43 pagi katanya ketika dihubungi-SarawakEdition-

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