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Musim buah dabai@dabey sudah bermula di kawasan utara Sarawak

Di Miri, buah dabai segar dijual mengikut gred, saiz dan kualiti buah. Awal musim begini, satu kilo buah dabai dijual pada harga RM20 sehingga RM50.00. Buah dabai menjadi kegemaran ramai tanpa mengira bangsa. Inovasi terbaharu buah dabai yang mula menjadi kegemaran ramai ialah sambal buah dabai dengan ikan bilis@pusuk.

Bertambah dua tiga pinggan nasi putih bila ada sambal buah dabai di atas meja.

Kredit : Zaliha Hassan


Kuching, Thurs:  With the implementation of the urban transportation solution for greater Kuching now almost definite, the state government is exploring the options of employing the latest train technology that could possibly reduced the costs of making it a reality. 

The Chief Minister, Datuk Patinggi (Dr) Abang Haji Abdul Rahman Zohari bin Tun Datuk Abang Haji Opengwas in Nanchang city, China today to view the deployment of the Autonomous Rapid Transit (ART) system that forms part of the city’s urban transportation solution.

“The ART might be able to reduce the costs of implementation of the lines as it can run on non-elevated normal or dedicated roads,” the Chief Minister told Sarawak officers accompanying him during the visit. 

The proposed routes are the Kuching-Samarahan and the Kuching-Serian lines. 

The ART with trains that runs on tyres developed byCRRC Corporations Ltd. does not run on conventional rail tracks but on a virtual track that can be on a dedicated or normal existing roads and controlled by a central command centre. 

The Chief Minister and members of his delegation wereactually taken on a ride on the train along a 5kmline through the city to have a first-hand experience on the ART that can be powered by electricity or hydrogen. 

Later, they were taken on a tour of the production facility near the city before attending a briefing by CRRC. 

Among those accompanying the Chief Minister were the Assistant Minister for Transportation, Datuk Dr. JeripSusil and Chairman of SEDC, Tan Sri Datuk Amar Haji Abdul Aziz Hussain.


Kuching, 16 July 2019

The Ministry Culture, Youth and Sports Sarawak today announced the collaboration with Spartan Race Malaysia to develop and curate a race in Kuching, Sarawak. This will be the time the world’s # 1 obstacle course racing brand has set foot in Borneo.

The inaugural race will be held at the Leadership Institute of Sarawak Civil Service, Kuching on 19 20 October 2019 and will races including the Sprint (5km), Beast (21km), feature a number Ultra (42km) and Hurricane Heat categories (12 Hrs). This is the first Hurrican Heat 12 Hevent is introduced in Malaysia time individuals are mentally and physically challenged over a period 12 hours non-stop.

YB Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, Sarawak’s Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth & Sports, the Guest-of-Honour at the press conference today was delighted at the idea Sarawak of hosting the Spartan Race. “The Spartan Race represents a new global trend towards a healthy lifestyle embraced by a growing number of people. unique Spartan experience to all and will contribute towards sports tourism in the state.We expect over 3,000 participants have registration coming from Singapore, Japan, Australia and even far afield countries such as Andorra and Malta. We are confident Spartan Race Sarawak will grow event with in-bound participants spending more time exploring the various attractions and wonders that Kuching and Sarawak can offer”.

MUSE Group, the newly appointed licensee of Spartan Race for Malaysia, is the co-organiser of this event together with the Kuching Fitness Association. CEO of MUSE Group, Riduwan Matni said ‘we are very pleased to be able to bring the Spartan Race to Kuching. We appreciate the growing demand for a race in Borneo and we are happy to be able to do this, with the tremendous support from the Sarawak State Government.

Carter Wei, President of the Kuching Fitness Association remarked we have plans to develop and grow the Obstacle Course Racing sport and the brand Spartan Race in Sarawak, through a number of activations at malls, workouts and training programs at Cross Fit Kuching. We believe with such consistent programs and Sarawaki ans general love for the outdoors, the Spartan Race has a bright future in the state.

The Spartan Race Sarawak offers a challenge for all, from the introductory Sprint race covering 5km and 20 obstacles to the very demanding Ultra Beast with over 60 obstacles across a 42km distance.

Spartan Race Sarawak is currently offering attractive registration fees and one can register at Participants will receive a Finisher shirt and medal when they complete their respective races.

Regular updates are available at the Spartan Race Malaysia facebook page.

About Spartan Race

With more than 250 events across more than 40 countries on six continents, Spartan is the world’s largest obstacle race (OCR) and endurance brand.

Providing transformation through sport,Spartan attracts more than one million annual participants across all fitness levels, from beginners to elite.

More than five million participants have finished Spartan events, creating a lifestyle that extends beyond races including health and wellness products, training and nutrition programs, and popular media content, which has made OCR one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

Spartan events feature races at various distances: Stadion and Sprint, 5-km and 20 Obstacles; Super, 13-km and 25 Obstacles; Beast, 21-km and 30 Obstacles; and Ultra 42-kmand 60 Obstacles


KUCHING: Ramah-tamah Aidilfitri dan Ngiling Bidai Koperasi Usahawan Bumiputera Sarawak Berhad (KUBSB) berjaya menyatukan usahawan kalangan ahli koperasi.

Setiausaha Agung KUBSB Alfian Yusop berkata, dengan adanya majlis tersebut ukhuwah kalangan usahawan dapat ditingkatkan sekali gus menjadikan KUBSB bertambah kuat.

“Ahli dalam KUBSB bukan sahaja disarankan bekerja keras untuk meningkat perniagaan masing-masing malah bekerjasama untuk menguatkan organisasi dalam KUBSB,” katanya dalam kenyataan sempena penganjuran

Ramah tamah Aidilfitri dan Ngiling Bidai Koperasi Usahawan Bumiputera Sarawak Berhad Sarawak (KUBSB) malam semalam.

Pada majlis tersebut KUBSB menyampaikan sumbangan wang khairat kematian dan pelajaran (anak ahli cemerlang dalam peperiksaan) untuk ahli.

Alfian berkata, penganjuran Bazar Aidilfitri Satok yang menerima lebih 100,000 antara kejayaan KUBSB tahun ini.

Katanya, berdasarkan kaji selidik Bazar Aidilfitri Satok antara bazar terbesar di Malaysia menyaingi bazar ternama di Semenanjung Malaysia.

Menurutnya, pihaknya berharap Kerajaan Sarawak terus memberi peluang kepada KUBSB untuk menganjurkan Bazar Aidilfitri Satok pada masa akan datang.

“Penganjuran Bazar Aidilfitri Satok sejak tahun 2007 diadakan. Ia disertai usahawan kaki lima terutama usahawan bumiputera.

“Kami mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Kerjaan Sarawak menerusi DBKU dan semua terlibat termasuk ahli.

“Kami yakin penganjuran tahun depan lebih berprestij dan jumlah pengunjung mencecah lebih 100,000 orang,” katanya.

Seramai 75 peniaga berniaga di Bazar Aiedilfitri Satok yang berlangsung selama 18 hari baru-baru ini.


KUCHING – JUNE 20 : SOCOE Sdn. Bhd. hosted a corporate Gawai-Raya luncheon experience which featured authentic handmade delicacies and food with a modern western twist. These local delicacies were prepared by women entrepreneurs from the eWanita-JWKS platform, a social community platform powered by SOCOE. The objective of SOCOE is to enhance the value chain of these businesses through technology by deploying effective digital marketing, attractive visuals as well as user analytics in order to better understand their demographics and customer experience. This is parallel with the recent launch of the Sarawak Trade and Tourism Office Singapore (Statos) – Sarawak’s new economic centre launched in Singapore on the same day, which strives to provide accessibility for Sarawakians to tap into international markets with ease.

SOCOEs system, has the ability to coordinate the supply and value chain especially to cater for large orders making authentic Sarawakian products more accessible to a global market.

Driving forward to the growing global trend of Click-and-Mortar businesses which defines online and offline operations functioning seamlessly.

Attending the event were prominent members of the government such as the Mayor of DBKU, members of JWKS as well as other NGOs such as PurpleLily.

– – –

SOCOE Sdn Bhd is a disruptive social technology company in Sarawak that has the collective international experience of more than a 100 years. Their mission is to facilitate the realization of a digitally transformed Sarawak Economy. It is a dedicated organization which has developed the eWanita platform alongside Sarawak Department of Women and Family, and is also working on other digital development programs to better the community.