Since the incident of the anchor block at the Matang side tilting during the overall Satok bridge load test, JKR have undertaken an intensive programme of investigations including soil investigation, design and construction review, and daily close monitoring for any further movements of the anchor block. Among the initiatives taken to ensure the stability of the structure is the precautionary measure of taking off the bridge deck plates to reduce the weight and hence the forces acting on the distressed anchor block.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Port Development has also agreed on the engagement of independent consultants to review the overall bridge design as well as carry out a detailed geotechnical assessment to find out the likely causes of the tilting of the anchor block and to propose permanent rectification work for the bridge.

At this juncture, the bridge is now stable and no further movements of the anchor block is expected. Nevertheless, JKR will still continue to closely monitor the bridge.

With the stability of the bridge having been assured, JKR is now working on a proposed permanent remedial solution, and this will independently assessed and checked by the independent consultants. Remedial works will only proceed when the independent consultants have completed all due checking processes and submitted a final Report and detailed permanent solution to JKR.

A permanent remedial solution is expected to be tangibly worked out by the end of October. Once the finalised detailed drawings and plans have been submitted to JKR, remedial works by the contractor would proceed diligently.

Meanwhile, further site works on the affected structure have been temporarily suspended to avoid and minimise any claims from the contractor due to the downtime.

iNFO JKR Sarawak

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