KDJA Press Release On UTUSAN MALAYSIA & KOSMO! Media Members

In plight of our media members in Utusan Malaysia and Kosmo, Media associations in Sarawak will initiate collections from it’s members to ease burdens among our media friends from Utusan Malaysia and Kosmo.

Kuching Division Journalists Association (KDJA) together with Sarawak Press Photographer Associations (SPPA), Federation Of Sarawak Journalists Association (FSJA) and Sarawak Public Communications Unit ( UKAS) join hands with media organisations throughout Malaysia in assisting our fellow comrades with their plights.

The groups are scheduled to visit media houses and organisations starting today (Wednesday, August 21).

“Any amount of donations are acceptable. It is from your heart and we hope that our little contributions could help to relief your burden a little bit. It may not be big but at least something from us in Sarawak and to tell you that we care,” she said.

All funds received will be channeled to National Union Journalists (NUJ) Association, Malaysia.

For those who would like to make a donation in the form of cash, please direct to NUJ MALAYSIA’s account – 80-0082256-0 (CIMB Current Acc)

“I believe there is always the little light at the end of the tunnel. To all of my comrades affected, you are family to us, when you are affected, we feel the same.”

KDJA President Jacqueline Nur Atiqah

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