HOUSE OF SAMPOERNA Where History, Art and Culture Unite to Build the Character of the Nation

Open to the public since October 9, 2003, House of Sampoerna (HoS) is a Dutch colonial-style heritage building compound built in 1862 and located in the “Old Surabaya” area.

In 1932, this compound initially used orphanage managed by the Dutch, was purchased by Liem Seeng Tee to become the first Sampoerna cigarette production facility.

The compound consists of a large central auditori um, two smaller buildings in the East and West wings and several single-storey outbuildings behind the central auditorium. These outbuildings processing tobacco and cloves, blending, rolling, packing, printing and processing the finished goods.

were used for In 2002, the central auditorium and two smaller buildings in the East and West wings were carefully restored. While the outbuildings are still used as a manufacturing facility to produce the most prestigious kretek cigarettes in Indonesia, Dji Sam Soe.

The central auditorium currently serves as a Museum, the East wing has been transformed into a unique building housing a Café and Shop and the West wing is currently used as the exhibition hall of Galeri Paviliun and The Residence.


The HoS Museum offers visitors a unique experience. In addition to the founder’s story of establishing the Sampoerna Company, there is also the history of the company’s success built on the strong philosophical foundation of The Three Hands and Anggarda Paramita, still implemented today. Visitors may enjoy a wide range of collections that bear Sampoerna’s business development and corporate social activities as well as closely production facility that still utilizes the traditional rolling tools. witness observe he hand-rolling.

Visitors may also enjoy an independent visit to the m useum using the SARI self- guide application and access the QR codes located in the corners of the HoS area.

Cendera Mata

The souvenir shop provides a variety of HoS signature souvenirs, as well as a wide range of batik, books, T-shirts and handcrafts from East Java MSMES.

Every month shop holds a Table Top event to introd uce and promote distinctive products of East Java and other regions, such as Traditional Fabrics or historical books from Indonesian literature.

Galeri Paviliun

The HoS Gallery presents a series of varied styles of works of art, including graphic design and photography, as well as artistic heritage artifacts such as traditional fabrics, ancient manuscripts and traditional wayang puppets.

The HoS Gallery’s educational mission also guides its programs. Numerous art exhibitions are held in collaboration with famous and novice artists, collectors and communities, as well as local and foreign institutions sharing similar concerns for the development and preservation of art and culture.

SHT(Surabaya Hertage Track)

SHT (Surabaya Heritage Track) The SHT program, meaning “Exploring the Heritage of Surabaya,” is a sightseeing bus tour of the Northern area of Surabaya.

By using a bus that modeled after the tram that once roamed across Surabaya in the past, Trackers (bus passengers) may enjoy learning the history of the cultural heritage buildings, history of Surabaya, known as the City of Heroes, the Chronicles of Surabaya and the rich culture of the Arek, people of Surabaya that characterizes the City of Surabaya.

SHT Buses operate 3 times a day, from 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Visitors to the HoS may enjoy their tour free of charge.

For schedule and reservations, Trackers may contact the SHT Tracker Information Center (TIC) at Hos via phone: 031 – 353 9000, and any inquiries may be sent via e-mail to:

The Residence

The house known as the West House was once the residence of Liem Seeng Tee and Siem Tjiang Nio. Continuing the family tradition where the factory owner lives in the manufacturing area, Aga Sampoerna (second generation) and Putra Sampoerna (third generation)

also lived in and managed the business from this house.

After renovations conducted in mid- 2017, The Residence n ow serves as temporary showroom for exhibitions and other activities organized by HoS.


The café at HoS offers a unique dining experience. The cozy and relaxing atmosphere of the cafe is knitted together with a mixture of classic and modern interior. A wide variety of cuisines with distinctive Indonesian taste as well as international menu are prepared exclusively to provide delightful treat to the customers.

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