KUCHING – JUNE 20 : SOCOE Sdn. Bhd. hosted a corporate Gawai-Raya luncheon experience which featured authentic handmade delicacies and food with a modern western twist. These local delicacies were prepared by women entrepreneurs from the eWanita-JWKS platform, a social community platform powered by SOCOE. The objective of SOCOE is to enhance the value chain of these businesses through technology by deploying effective digital marketing, attractive visuals as well as user analytics in order to better understand their demographics and customer experience. This is parallel with the recent launch of the Sarawak Trade and Tourism Office Singapore (Statos) – Sarawak’s new economic centre launched in Singapore on the same day, which strives to provide accessibility for Sarawakians to tap into international markets with ease.

SOCOEs system, has the ability to coordinate the supply and value chain especially to cater for large orders making authentic Sarawakian products more accessible to a global market.

Driving forward to the growing global trend of Click-and-Mortar businesses which defines online and offline operations functioning seamlessly.

Attending the event were prominent members of the government such as the Mayor of DBKU, members of JWKS as well as other NGOs such as PurpleLily.

– – –

SOCOE Sdn Bhd is a disruptive social technology company in Sarawak that has the collective international experience of more than a 100 years. Their mission is to facilitate the realization of a digitally transformed Sarawak Economy. It is a dedicated organization which has developed the eWanita platform alongside Sarawak Department of Women and Family, and is also working on other digital development programs to better the community.

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