Dari yb Hajjah Nancy Shukri

I welcome the move. Malaysia Day celebration is beyond politics. It is to commemorate the true feelings of being Malaysians. Like the years prior to the PH rule, it has always been a celebration held in the Borneo states alternately. The reason it was organised in such a way was mainly because Independence Day that falls on 31st August yearly is significant to Kuala Lumpur, whereas Malaysia Day is synonym to the formation of Malaysia. Without Sarawak and Sabah there will be no Malaysia. Therefore, celebrating Malaysia Day in either Sarawak or Sabah is just an appropriate choice.

Personally, it is also a very healthy move to remind Malaysians about their multi ethnicity that lives under one umbrella called Malaysia is a unique and a beautiful identity to portray to the nation. During the Malaysia Day celebration, both the federal and the state government used to work very closely. I hope to see the great collaboration and a very good esprit de corpes among the federal and state government civil servants. That’s my wish list for Malaysia if it truly will be celebrated in Sarawak.

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