KUCHING: Trienekens recently hosted a work party for the villagers of Kampung Seratau in a joint gotong-royong (work party) at the village’s community hall. The half-day affair saw the group working together; cleaning and executing paint works to further improve the amenities within and around the public hall.


Speaking at the event, Trienekens’ Chief Operating Officer, Alice Lee commended the close relationship between Trienekens and Kampung Seratau, adding her assurance that the company would continue to work closely with the community to strengthen community ties and improve the village’s public facilities. Lee also expressed her hope that with improved amenities, the community would continue to preserve the cleanliness of their neighbourhood.


The day’s programme also included the official opening of the Chapel of St Francis Xavier’s new kitchen block (building) by Lee together with the Religious Bureau Head and Chairman of the St. Francis Xavier Chapel, Ilbaes ak Edem. Last year, Trienekens had assisted to provide materials to build the kitchen block for the local chapel’s Women’s Guild.


Also present were Kampung Seratau’s Village Chief, Patrick Munai and Trienekens’ Group Senior Corporate Affairs Manager, Katherine Kong.


The initiative was one of the many community activities carried out under Trienekens’ corporate social responsibility event calendar, which aims to promote cleanliness and environmental awareness, besides fostering a sense of care and responsibility towards the community by employees of Trienekens. 


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